Delmon Orona Lifts



In our modern world, elevators play a major role in allowing us to move more quickly and freely within an environment. Without elevators, moving from one floor to another in a building or a structure would be more difficult, energy-intensive, and time consuming.

However, as is the case in every industry, at the centre of building management is the pursuit of improvement. Here at Delmon, our mission is to provide our clients with solutions that combine energy-efficiency, durability, comfort, and style in a single package. More than delivering conventional products, we seek to create bespoke solutions that are developed to meet your exact needs and budget.

One of our primary products is the hydraulic elevator. We provide a wide range of world-class hydraulic elevators, including hydraulic platform lifts.

The cost-effectiveness of hydraulic elevators

One of the biggest advantages of this design is its simplicity. This system consists of fewer parts as compared to a traction-driven system. This translates into two immediate advantages: reduced up-front costs and easier long-term maintenance.

Due to the fewer number of parts needed, purchasing costs are lower for this type of system compared to a traction-driven system. Additionally, the simpler system translates to reduced time for maintenance work. Because there are fewer components needing service, maintenance checks can be accomplished more quickly.

The reduced carbon footprint of hydraulic elevators

An Orona hydraulic elevator is also one of the most energy-efficiency systems in the market today. This is a significant benefit, as an elevator consumes energy, even when it is idle. According to studies, idle elevators account for 2 to 4 per cent of a building’s total energy use. While 5 per cent may not seem much, it is still energy that can be efficiently used for other purposes.

Orona is the first ever name to be given an Eco-design certificate 1SO 14006 according to UNE 150301. With the new designs from Orona, elevators boast of reduced noise levels, smoother operations, and improved stopping precision.

We combine reliability and performance across all our solutions

With our expertise and experience, we are able to transmute the same technology in either elevators or platform lifts. So you can expect the same results in all our products. If you want to find out more, please feel free to contact us today.